New Oklahoma 539 Area Code

Will Share the Existing 918 Area Code Region



To accommodate the growing need for telephone numbers in the geographic area served by the 918 area code, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission has approved the addition of a new area code. The new 539 Area Code will cover the same geographical area as the 918 area code.


How will this affect me?

No one currently with a 918 Area Code will need to change their existing phone number when the 539 Area Code numbers are introduced.  All customers within the 918/539 geography, which generally covers the eastern portions of Oklahoma  and serves communities such as Bartlesville, Clayton, Cushing, Fairfax, McAlester, Miami, Muskogee, Okemah, Poteau, Sallisaw, Tahlequah, and Tulsa, will need to dial the appropriate Area Code followed by the 7-digit telephone number when dialing a 918 or a 539 number.  Please see the map below for an outline of the 918/539 Area Code region.


When will the 539 Area Code be Assigned?

Customers seeking new telephone numbers in the affected region may be assigned a new telephone number with the new 539 Area Code as early as April 1, 2011.


What is the Dialing Change?

Because of the addition of the 539 area code, customers in the 918 Area Code will be required      

to dial 10-digits (Area Code+ 7-digit phone number) when making                

local calls.  Long-distance calls will require 1+10-digit dialing.

Operator assisted calls will require 0+10-digit dialing

Remember to use the new 539 Area Code as needed.



Dialing plan at a glance

Type of call

Calling to

Dialing Plan

Local and EAS Calls

918 or 539
Area Code



Toll Call

All Area Codes



Operator Calls
credit card, collect,
 third party

All Area Codes



When will the changes go Into Effect?

       Beginning August 7, 2010, customers in the 918 Area Code should dial a local 918 number with

10-digits (Area Code+ 7-digits).

       As of March 5, 2011, 918 Area Code customers must dial 10-digits to complete all

local calls.  If all 10-digits are not dialed, calls will not complete.


What needs to Change?

       Customers in the 918 Area Code will need to dial 10-digits (Area Code+ 7-digit phone number)

       for every local call.

       Customers in the 918 Area Code may need to reprogram or upgrade equipment if specialized

communications equipment like a PBX, electronic telephone sets, auto-dial systems or

multi-line key systems are used.

       Some automatically dialed calls may require reprogramming to 10-digits. 

      These calls may include: life safety systems, fax machines, Internet

      dial-up numbers, alarm and security systems, speed dialers, call

      forwarding settings, voice mail services, and similar functions. 
      Remember to dial a 1 if these numbers are long distance.

       Check business stationery or any other advertising materials or

      logos to be sure they include the area code.




What will Remain the Same?

       Your telephone number, which includes your area code, will remain the same.

       The price of a call, local and long-distance calling areas, and other rates and services will not change. What is currently a local call will remain a local call regardless of the number of digits dialed.

       You should still dial just three digits to reach 911 and 411.

       If 211, 311, 511, 611, 711 and 811 are currently available in your community you will still dial them with just three digits.



If you have any questions regarding information provided in this notice, please call toll free (888)898-4426 or (580)584-3355 or contact the following websites for more information: or the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) website at